11 useful tips for air travelers

The airport is a pleasant bustle and anticipation of something new, it is the sweet anticipation of the start of the journey and the joy of meetings, it is here that the road to the most desirable countries and favorite cities begins. Every traveler knows how amazing, even somewhat magical this place is, with which are associated bright memories and bright moments.

Airports can be different, and they and https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/travelling leave different impressions too, for example, someone rejoicing in the excellent service, and someone weary in queues at passport control, and the same air harbor can leave directly opposite impressions.

To ensure that your meetings with airports are always pleasant, we have collected for you a selection of useful tips – little tricks from professional travelers that will make air travel much more comfortable.

So, 11 useful tips for air travelers

Fly at night. Night flights are often much more convenient and profitable than day flights because they’re not as busy as day flights, plus ticket prices are usually lower than peak-hour flights.

Walk to the left. Since most people are right-handed, the line on the right is more popular than the one on the left – one instinctively turns toward the “leading” hand, so make it a rule to orient yourself to the left side in such situations.

Choose automation. Automated self-service check-in kiosks Global Entry will help you to pass the rapid pre-flight check and save a lot of time – you do not have to wait in lines, waste your time and nerves.

Stock up on goodies. Do you want to bring alcohol on board? If you follow the rules, then everything is possible! If the volume of alcoholic beverages (or any other) does not exceed 100ml, they are contained in a tightly closed container, which, in turn, is placed in a bag 20x20cm with a clasp, you can carry it with you into the cabin.

Catch the action. It’s hard to believe, but there are people who are embarrassed to find out about promotions and discounts! Inquire about airline promotions, choose airline tickets with discounts, and you may well be able to save a decent amount of money on your flight. It is very simple!

Choose a parking lot. If you leave your car near the airport for the trip, compare prices for parking – it often happens that leaving the car in the parking lot near the airport is cheaper than parking in nearby paid parking lots.

Make photo reminders. Another tip to continue the theme of cars and parking: if you take a picture of the parking space number when you park your car, you will spend a lot less time searching for your car after you return from vacation.

Fighting turbulence. If you’re afraid of hitting turbulence, choose flights in the morning – at this time, there are far fewer reasons to cause this unpleasant phenomenon.

Extreme comfort. If you happen to have an unforeseen overload of luggage for a little weight, you can pull out your biggest and heaviest clothes and put them on. Yes, the way, of course, is sometimes not very comfortable, but if you do not want to pay overweight, agree, a jacket can be put on.

Take a break from the baby. Traveling with a baby? Remember that most airports around the world are equipped with special lounge areas for families with children, in which parents can rest a little, have a snack and tidy up while their babies are supervised playtime in the children’s playroom. Sometimes parents need very little to be happy, don’t they?

Think water. Every traveler knows firsthand about the exorbitant prices in the airport cafes, but if there is no desire to overpay for regular drinking water, take with you on the road an empty plastic bottle. For example, an ordinary sports bottle is convenient to carry with you, and if necessary at the airport it can always be filled with drinking water for free.