What tourists should not do in Turkey

Respect for the local traditions and https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/travelling – the main rule for tourists when visiting any country, but especially it applies to the eastern regions, and Turkey is no exception. And so that your vacation leaves only good impressions, experts from the travel company “Wheel of Travel” have prepared for you a little list of rules, which are better to strictly follow, while resting in Turkish resorts.

  1. In the hotel and on the beach tourists are allowed to wear any comfortable clothing. But the inappropriateness of the frank and very open clothes, for both men and women in the city, during tours or in restaurants – something for many people is obvious.
  2. To be on the beaches of all Turkish resorts is possible in bathing suits, but not without them. In Turkey, this point is enshrined in the law. Of course, to be fair, the only official nudist beach in Turkey still exists, it is located near Kemer.
  3. The ban on smoking in public places – is also one of the very important nuances, which should take into account all holidaymakers. Otherwise, be prepared to pay a fine. Turks smoke a lot and often, but only in designated places in the city and at the hotels.
  4. The list of prohibitions also includes drinking alcohol in public places, a violation of this rule is punishable by fine. Tourists are allowed to drink alcohol in bars, restaurants, in their rooms, but not in any place resorts, where you want.
  5. Arguments with the locals on religious or political topics – taboo, just remember that and do your best to adhere to this rule.

  1. A very interesting point. If you do carelessly mention political issues and speak disrespectfully about the current government in Turkey, it may be a miracle to avoid conflict. However, it is an unforgivable crime for anyone to make careless remarks about the country’s first president, Ataturk. The locals have a great respect and love for his personality. Desecration of his portrait, or even a careless attitude to a banknote with Ataturk’s image can threaten you with imprisonment.

In Turkey it is also forbidden to take photos of local people and some administrative buildings, take food and drinks out of hotel restaurants. When buying a tour to Turkey from Minsk, be sure to ask your travel agent about other rules and precautions to observe in the Turkish resorts to ensure your holiday is as safe and secure as possible.