How to get out of a life crisis? The best places to reset!

Many people sooner or later begin to feel life crisis. Every day is like “Groundhog Day”. If you happen to experience such feelings, it’s time to do a reset. Today’s directions and will help you do just that.

We all need to relieve stress and tension at times. Give our eyes a rest after a long day’s work. But where to go to achieve this? There are 5 best destinations.


This destination within our borders is becoming more and more popular every day. The mountains help to achieve a pleasant relaxation. The scenery grabs everyone’s soul: crystal clear water in the reservoirs, snow on top of the mountains. All this helps to switch after a long stay in the gray city. Those who like an active pastime can ski, climb mountains and kayak. If you prefer something more relaxed, just walk around and enjoy nature. For accommodation is best to choose mini-hotels that offer separate houses. Most often they are situated in the most beautiful places.


The most beautiful place. This term is constantly applied to the amazing Lake Baikal. And what is “the most” about it?

  1. The deepest lake on the planet;
  2. The largest supply of fresh water;
  3. The largest freshwater lake on the continent by area.

If you want real adventure and have the time, take the train there. A long trip will help you sort out your thoughts and worries and bring you back to your childhood. No matter what time of year you choose to go. The spirit on Baikal is always exciting. Stay at sanatoriums, as it is a good opportunity to recover both mentally and physically. Extreme lovers can stay in a tent near the lake.


To get to such a difficult destination turns out to be not so difficult. There are direct flights to Mineralnye Vody in almost every city. And there are only a couple of hours by transport and here: the greatest mountain is already in front of your eyes. Routes are created taking into account the lack of training of tourists, and therefore cope with anyone. Forget about social networks, there will be neither internet nor communication in the tent camps.

Cappadocia (Turkey)

When considering foreign options, be sure to pay attention to Cappadocia. It is the most beautiful mountain region of Turkey. Its main feature is the incredible hot air ballooning. The views are amazing! The north of Turkey may be much more interesting than the resort towns. Here you can touch the measured life, the Turkish culture and cuisine.


This area is a great option for a vacation from society and civilization. The mountains, the sea, the colorful villages in the middle of the old woods. And most importantly – fresh air and freedom from the bustle of the city. Such a trip will delight anyone with its incredible natural beauty and cuisine, help cope with stress and anxiety.